When walkers are as welcome as bicycles …

Are you ready? Every parent knows the urgency of waiting for the arrival of a newborn. They have nine months to plan and prepare. There are ... Read more

Editorial: Progress has been made, but more to go

America celebrated 238 years of independence last weekend. The Declaration of Independence was a landmark document marking a new direction in the history of the ... Read more

Ideas for the Freeborn National Bank building

I’ve been wanting to write about this topic for a while but haven’t been able to figure out exactly what I want to say until ... Read more

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Pen to paper

Letters to the Editor

Putin responsible for downing of jet

The shooting down of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 is a travesty. The blame falls squarely on the shoulders of Vladimir Putin and Russia. The Russians ... Read more


Editorial: Upfront pricing needed in medical field

You check into a hotel. The clerk tells you the price for a nonsmoking room with ... Read more