Inspired and ready to make positive change

Covering the Southwest Middle School Tiger Trot this weekend for Albert Lea magazine and the newspaper, I started to get an itch. It’s that same ... Read more

What is the impact from influx of immigrants?

The Center for Immigration Studies in Washington, in an analysis of December 2015 government data, indicates that nearly one in five United States residents is ... Read more

Don’t screw it up this time around

I reluctantly assault organized religion, believing that churches have abdicated their responsibility at a time of environmental crisis. We can deny crises, ignore them or ... Read more

Pancake breakfast was a success

The Freeborn County Sheriff’s Office held a pancake breakfast fundraiser on April 9, which was a huge success. We estimate close to 700 people came ... Read more

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Pen to Paper

Letters to the Editor

U.S. should rethink policies

Since World War II, Europe has welcomed tens of millions of Muslims from Africa and the Middle East, who replaced the murdered Jews of Europe. ... Read more


Fools and fast cars are a dangerous mix

The dozen witless wonders who decided to turn a Twin Cities interstate into a racetrack last ... Read more