School construction continues

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 17, 1999

Work on the $27.

Wednesday, November 17, 1999

Work on the $27.5 million high school construction project continues, but is an estimated four weeks behind schedule.

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Facilities and Transportation Director Bruce Olson told the school board Monday that while the recent warm weather was helpful, it was not enough to allow workers to catch up. Olson cited wet weather in September of last year and an overly aggressive time table as reasons for the delay.

There are approximately 58 subcontractors working on the new facility located at 1101 Hammer Road. The building covers approximately 280,000 square feet and its construction is being managed by Amcon CM of Burnsville.

Construction workers have finished the roofing on the gymnasium located on the west side of the building and will complete the roof on the auditorium next week, Olson said. Concrete floors were also poured this week in the hallways, locker commons and mechanical room. Concrete for the cafeteria floor will be poured next week.

The last walls on the gymnasium were set in place, with the exception of one large precast concrete panel on the west side. Olson said that construction materials will be stored in the gym over the winter months and the wall will be left partially open to allow workers to have access. The concrete floor in the gym will not be poured until Spring, Olson said.