What will be cut

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 18, 2001

From staff reports

Projected cuts for the 2002-2003 school year.

Tuesday, December 18, 2001

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What will be cut

Albert Lea Tribune


Busing cuts, additional tasks for administrators, cut two elementary media processing clerks, other savings.

Total: $313,000

High school

Programs eliminated: French program, yearbook class, 9th grade computer class requirement.

Programs reduced: Phy ed requirement, business classes, visual art classes, other electives.

Teachers cut: 3.83.

Non-athletic extra-curriculars eliminated: 9th and 10th grade play, international student exchange club, pep band director, show choir director, 9th grade and senior high math league advisor, mock trial advisor, horticulture advisor, marching band director, flag squad advisor, intramural advisor, drivers education program, motorcycle education program.

Total: $191,700

Southwest Middle School

Programs reduced: science, social studies, math, English, phy ed, IT/art/computer/FACS, choir contact time. Reduce media generalist position.

Teachers cut: 2.7. One custodian position reduced by .5 full-time equivalent.

Total: $118,000


Unspecified program reductions/eliminations.

Teachers cut: 7.5

Total: $316,000


Eliminated: Cross country, dance team coaches, coach bus usage, paid activity helpers, sports trainer, pompon coaches, out-of-town scrimmages. Reduced: Assistant coaches in boys and girls hockey, boys and girls basketball, boys and girls tennis, swimming, football, baseball, softball, and wrestling; and one concession stand supervisor.

Fee increases: Increase athletic fees by 53 percent; increase ticket prices by 53 percent

Total: $100,000

Special programs

Area learning center reduction, special services revenue increase, community education rent addition, increased facility fees.

313: $61,300

Grand total: $1.1 million