Editorial: A few dollars go a long way to help others

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 17, 2003

‘Tis the season for giving.

When it comes to the United Way of Freeborn County, a little bit of giving goes a long way.

United Way officials this week asked people to forego the cost of one pizza to help the United Way. By doing so, the United Way could easily make its goal of

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$515,000. So far, the organization has only attained 65 percent of it.

The local economy and the trickle-down effect from state budget cuts may be reasons why the United Way’s goal has not yet been met. However, if the goal is not met, the effect falls directly on the United Way’s 17 agencies &045; agencies that help people in need.

And people never know when they’ll need help. For example, fires and tornadoes are disasters no one ever sees coming. Yet when they do happen, there are United Way agencies there to assist those who are affected.

Certainly, there are those in the community who cannot afford to give anything. And there are those who cannot afford to contribute as much as they have in the past. But there are many of us who can perhaps afford to give a little more.

So for those who haven’t yet turned in their pledge cards, please do so. Or if you’ve already given and find yourself wanting another tax deduction for charitable giving or just want to help others in need this season, please consider another gift. Even a few dollars more will go a long way.

You’ll be helping your neighbors.