Editorial: Reading pays off for kids in the long run

Published 12:00 am Monday, June 7, 2004

For years, the benefits of reading to your children have been extolled, beginning as early as when they are in the womb.

Those children whose parents read to them every day do better in school, are more interested learners and generally are more successful.

Today, the Albert Lea Public Library launches its summer reading program and we encourage parents to make sure their kids get involved.

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The library’s program, &uot;Vote for Reading,&uot; attempts to engage kids of all ages to continue reading through the summer, when other activities are calling to them.

From June 9 through the end of July, the library has scheduled special events to show kids the fun of reading.

One unique feature being offered is travel kits for families going on vacation.

That’s a great idea. Parents don’t have to listen to whining kids, but best of all, kids can go to any locale they wish through books. If they don’t want to visit Aunt Frieda, they can escape &045; if only for a while &045; through books.

Parents, please send your kids to the library, where staff have planned an interesting lineup of events and activities. Reading will help your child far more than you know.