To our valued readers:

Published 12:00 am Friday, April 1, 2005

In the past few weeks, we have taken comments regarding the new Entertainment Extra, which contains the TV guide and comics. I’d like to thank all of our loyal readers for their input.

After working with our vendors, we are implementing a few changes to better meet your needs.

In Friday’s edition of the Tribune, you will find the Saturday daytime TV schedule and in Sunday’s edition, you will find the Monday through Friday daytime listings for the upcoming week.

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You will also find other favorite features on the page with the daily TV grid: the crossword puzzle, Cryptoquip, Dear Abby, the bridge column, as well as the top five listings for movies, books, videos, songs, albums and others as space allows.

Tribune staff hope you will continue to enjoy the newspaper as we grow and seek additional features of interest to you.

(Scott Schmeltzer, Publisher, The Albert Lea Tribune.)