Annexation receives township approval

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 20, 2005

By Jennifer Rogers ,Tribune staff writer

In a special meeting Monday, the Albert Lea Township board approved the annexation of 217 acres allowing Tiger Hills Development, which had requested annexation of 80 acres, to proceed with a housing project.

&uot;The township’s decisions means that the development will get under way this year,&uot; said Tim Ramaker, one of the three developers with Tiger Hills Development LLC.

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Annexation of the land, located south of Hammer Road, east of Bridge Avenue and west of Sorensen Road, still requires state approval. The development will border a portion of Goose Lake, which is owned by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, but the annexation doesn’t include the lake.

According to City Manager Victoria Simonsen, resolutions on the annexation will be sent to the state in the next week.

&uot;Hopefully we will get on their June agenda,&uot; said Simonsen.

At the May 9 city council meeting, Township Supervisor Stan Reichl said the township would approve annexation of a portion of the council-requested 560 acres after questions from the Fish and Wildlife Service and the Shell Rock River Watershed District were answered.

Since that meeting the board has met with representatives from both groups.

The 217 acres of land the board voted to annex includes Hammer Road, the Blumer, Smeby, Thofson and Schlede properties from the west, and all properties bordering Stevens Road except the Hanson property.

&uot;There is also going to be a walkway (around the property), which the developers would like to see as well,&uot; said Marilyn Roche, township board clerk, &uot;but if there is too much activity disturbing the wildlife they will probably put up a fence. The subdivision will enhance the federal land, so it will be a good thing.&uot;

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