Column: Actions proved Eaton’s desire to help

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 16, 2005

Jean Eaton drags Albert Lea through the mud? Curious. From where I’m sitting Albert Lea has been dragging Jean through the mud and with very little justification.

Jean Eaton was elected to be mayor. Not even her critics have been able to deny that she has done an outstanding job.

These last dark weeks must have proved an almost unbearable ordeal for anyone. Jean’s reaction was nothing short of heroic. She went her way quietly, pouring into her work that steadfast energy that marked all that she did.

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One can’t help contrasting her attitude to that of the Nixon whine when things went wrong, “You won’t have Nixon to kick around any longer.”

I am somewhat amazed, too, at the attitude of the City Council. I didn’t realize that a few people could set aside the results of a public election. Sort of scary isn’t it?

I suppose, though, that members of the council feel that they have to keep themselves pure and stay carefully away from anyone of questionable repute even though she’s been accused of little and convicted of nothing. Bearing this in mind, I hope anyone holy enough to attend a council meeting will remember to genuflect.

It wouldn’t hurt either to murmur a few prayer-like words, such as “What purity! What nobility! What B.S.!”

Most fascinating of all, I think, are the occult among us. You know, the ones who proclaim what Jean thought and believed and was trying to get away with. It’s not everybody who has the second sight.

Since so many among us are gifted in this direction it would be well to put the talent to greater use. We have a county fair coming up before long and everyone knows it’s a fine place for soothe saying. You don’t even have to be very bright. If you utter any bit of nonsense with a great deal of conviction the unthinking will accept it.

So far as I can see everything that Jean Eaton has accomplished as mayor has reflected her

desire to help and improve. I’m not sure we deserve the good she has brought to us.

One thing I do know and have known for many years. A friend is one who &045; when you are drowning &045; throws you a life buoy. A life buoy, mind you, not an anchor.

(Love Cruikshank is an Albert Lea resident. Her column runs Thursday.)