Editorial: Use caution with projected budget surplus

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Minnesota legislators are suddenly looking at a surprise $701 million surplus forecasted for the 2006-07 budget cycle.

That’s certainly good news for the state, which in recent years faced budget shortfalls, deficits and subsequent drastic cuts in many areas.

While legislators take requests from constituents and lawmakers dream of what the extra money could mean in their districts, we urge them to exercise caution.

Just as in lean years, they need to take the time to carefully weigh each budget request and make intelligent spending decisions. They need to take into account things like inflation and prepare for the unexpected.

So while this may be the budget cycle where some projects that need doing get done, we still urge caution, lest we once again fall into fiscal problems.

No one wants to go there again.