Column: Draft day diary

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Jeff Budlong, On the rebound

If you spend eight hours watching the NFL draft you may as well write about it.

11:12 And the Texans take Reggie … Mario Williams.

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Have you seen the last five defensive linemen taken No. 1.

Let’s just say Russell Maryland looks like the diamond of the group.

11:22 Reggie Bush goes from &8220;Thunder and Lighting&8221; in college to &8220;Thunder and Lighting&8221;

in the pros with Duce.

Nice roll of the dice.

11:34 Vince Young beats Matt Leinhart yet again. Unfortunately, he won’t see cookie dough defenses like USC’s in the NFL.

11:41 Can you feel it Matt Leinhart’s landslide begins.

Jets go with D’Brickashaw.

12:04 Was Vernon Davis crying because he just got drafted or because the 49ers picked him?

12:26 My first WOW of draft day goes to Buffalo for taking Donte Whitner.

Seems a little high for a 5-10 corner who seems good not top 10 great.

12:37 Did Denny Green just get the steal of the draft yet again.

If I am Matt Leinhart I am happy for several reasons: Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin and Edgerrin James.

12:48 The second WOW of the early part of the draft (thanks Mel Kiper) Jay Cutler to the Broncos.

Mort is gushing over an SEC guy (big surprise) but he seems a little too much J.P. Losman feel for me.

1:04 Baltimore gets Ngata and all the analysts say now Ray Lewis will be great again. Question: How can you be the greatest linebacker ever if you need to have big linemen in front of you to keep blockers off you to do anything?

Great ones make others great and they don’t depend on others to do their job.

1:30 Biggest upset of the draft so far &045; ESPN the phone is not being advertised twice every break. (That messes up my dat gum prediction.)

1:32 Bust alert &045; Tye Hill to St. Louis. I love players made at the combine.

1:53 A Hawkeye in Minnesota. Chad Greenway a tackling machine in college will be asked to do the same for the Vikes.

(Note: I am sure every Viking fan loves the fact that from now until the end of eternity ESPN is going to run flashbacks to the draft pick &8220;problems&8221; they had two years in a row.)

2:30 Starting to struggle thinking about actually doing something with my Saturday, but just like a second-year QB in the NFL everything has started to slow down for me in Year Two of draft watching from start to finish.

2:50 The first guy I have never heard of nor seen in a mock draft goes to Tampa Bay. (Note: My Dad makes perfect comment &8220;it doesn’t matter who they draft with Chris Simms at quarterback.&8221; Dad loves the Simms family.)

2:57 First witty Chris Berman comment &8220;We are almost four hours into the draft and still Cincinnati hasn’t picked yet.&8221; How times change.

3:20 The Steelers move to repeat as champions.

Steelers trade up with the Giants.

Do I hear LenDale White?

3:21 I must be hearing voices. Santonio Holmes goes to the Steelers. I hope they know what they are doing.

This is why my father is here. Ten seconds after the pick he is already trying to make me feel good about it.

And finally, you can’t watch a football draft with my father without a little history lesson to go with it.

Dad’s random trivia question: Name the first Heisman Trophy winner and the first No. 1 pick in the NFL Draft.

A: Jay Berwanger 1935-36 University of Chicago.