Editorial: Find a kid, go fishing, smile

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 8, 2006

This is Take a Kid Fishing Weekend around Minnesota, and we urge parents and fishing enthusiasts to dust off the rod and reel and share the joy of the activity with a young person.

The future of our resources is in the hands of our youth and in the vision and commitment of

those who help to mold their ideals and values. Recreational fishing is an American tradition as old as the country and has long been valued for the peace and tranquility that it can provide to all those who wish to escape the pressures of life for a few blissful hours.

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Imagine life for a couple hours with no television! Fishing also provides the opportunity to spend quality time in a peaceful non-intimidating setting talking and reconnecting with family and friends. As fishing skills develop, a level of self-confidence is attained and organizational and planning challenges are met.&160;

Children and adults who spend time in the outdoors and communing with nature learn to love and understand the environment. They become more interested in knowing the role that they play in conserving and enhancing our resources. With that knowledge, they may become better stewards of our resources making more informed choices about their daily activities that affect the environment and helping to influence others to cherish and enhance our natural heritage.

But mostly, fishing is fun.

We encourage people to take advantage of this weekend, when no fishing licenses are needed, and in particular, the Fountain Lake Sportsmen’s Club’s free Take a Kid Fishing event Saturday morning at Edgewater Park.

Do it for the kids. You won’t regret it.