Terrific Tuesdays

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 28, 2006

By Kari Lucin, staff writer

Kids played Band-Aid tag and fruit basket upset as part of the library’s Terrific Tuesdays program on, well, Tuesday.

&8220;We always do a craft and play a game,&8221; said Children’s Librarian Staci Waltman, who helps supervise Terrific Tuesdays.

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Usually 10 to 30 kids come to the weekly event, which starts at 2 p.m. and usually ends by 2:45 p.m. Kids under 6 years old come with a parent or adult, and the program is free.

There are three Terrific Tuesdays left, as the program takes July 4 as well as the month of August off. Then the fun starts up again during the school year as Library Afterschool Fun, organized by Children’s Librarian April Chance.

&8220;It’s good for the kids,&8221; said Larry Kurth, who brought two grandsons to the event.

Though there wasn’t much room to run around, kids had a great time playing Band-Aid tag, putting their hands over the spots they were tagged in until they were tagged a third time. Then they had to run over to the &8220;hospital&8221; side of the room and do five jumping jacks to be &8220;cured&8221; and rejoin the game.

Then the kids carefully made pinwheels for kids to hold while watching parades next week, laughing, chatting and repeatedly picking up the markers that kept rolling off the slightly askew table.

&8220;I’m probably going to stick it in the ground in my yard, because it’ll go &8216;whee!’ in the wind, but then it might blow away in a storm,&8221; said 6-year-old Alec Wendelboe.

Kids and adults shared a quick lemonade break before they left the library.

&8220;It’s just something for kids to do in the summer, a place to go,&8221; said Waltman.