Editorial: Ways to beat the heat

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 19, 2006

We’re just winding down on one heat wave, but chances are we may see another before the summer is out.

When it’s simply too miserable to do regular activities outside, we offer these ideas for fun ways to beat the heat.

– Take a dip. Visit the city pool or one of our area beaches. Nothing cools like water.

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– Wander through the sprinkler. Kids have the right idea on this one. If you’re not watering your lawn, that neighbor with the perfect patch of Kentucky bluegrass probably is. Just nonchalantly lean in as it’s spraying near the curb. Voila! Instant cool.

– Take in a movie. What better time to catch up on what’s playing? A dark, air-conditioned movie theater with a refreshing cold drink next to you is a wonderful way to cool off. You’ll soon be impressing your co-workers with your movie trivia.

– Have some ice cream. Mmm. The best cool treat out there in endless flavors, and you’re supporting our dairy farmers at the same time.

– Hang out at the mall. If you don’t have any shopping to do, get some exercise by walking the perimeter.

– Visit the library. Another air-conditioned place, filled with a wealth of knowledge. Sit down with a book or magazine, or reserve a spot on a computer to look up things you always wondered about. Again, you’ll be impressing your friends with your knowledge. Or catch up on your e-mails.

– Visit some of those places you’ve always thought about going &045; like the Audubon Science Center, the Freeborn County Historical Museum or the Story Lady Doll & Toy Museum.

We can’t stop the heat, but we can find some fun ways to beat it. Next time it gets hot, we urge you to get creative.