Column: Lakeview Boulevard perplexes people

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 31, 2006

The curvy, twisty streets of Albert Lea add beauty and texture to our city between the lakes. It is one more aspect that separates us from the plain-looking grid found in most cities.

However, it also brings us a few traffic challenges.

One that many Albert Leans do not understand is the beginning &8212; or end, depending on how you consider it &8212; of Lakeview Boulevard where it meets Fountain Street. Contrary to popular opinion, it is not a one-way street at that stretch.

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Try driving on Park Avenue along the hospital, turning west onto Grace Street and then meeting Lakeview Boulevard. Turn south onto Lakeview and you&8217;ll likely hear shouts from northbound drivers who want you to know you are on a one-way street. But you are right and they are wrong.

If the shouters &8212; and people who park cars in the incorrect direction &8212; would look closely at the center of the street, there are faded yellow stripes. Yellow indicates two-way traffic.

Lakeview Boulevard does become a one-way street after Grace Street and remains so until it meets the Abbot Street-Vine Avenue intersection.

Perhaps a little paint and maybe even a yellow &8220;two-way traffic&8221; sign would solve the problem in the stretch of Lakeview between Grace and Fountain.

The street also doesn&8217;t seem wide enough for two-way traffic and parking on both sides. For safety&8217;s sake, parking should be allowed only on one side in the two-way stretch.