Editorial: Fair left behind a disaster zone

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, August 8, 2006

The litter at the fairgrounds Monday morning, after the Freeborn County Fair was over, made the place look like a tornado had spun through. The grandstands and the area close to them were particularly bad.

We know there are people sentenced to community service and fairgrounds workers who come through and clean up the fairgrounds, but good grief. There could be a bit more responsibility among fairgoers. You’d think after all these years more people would know how to use trash receptacles.

Furthermore, we can’t help but wonder whether this garbage is recycled. Do we just toss every pop bottle and paper cup in the landfill? Is there a way we could make it easier for fairgoers, fair officials and vendors to recycle their trash?

It might not be the most pressing issue in the county, but it is a matter worth looking into over the course of the coming year.