Editorial: Make Clark Street stop

Published 12:00 am Monday, August 28, 2006

Now that Albert Lea High School no longer aligns Clark Street, the city should consider changing the stop signs at the street&8217;s intersection with First Avenue.

Both routes are arterial streets, but Clark Street seems to be used a lot less than First Avenue. West of downtown Clark has become more of a residential street over the past five years. We would wager a traffic count would reveal First Avenue has greater traffic than Clark Street.

In addition, the way Clark Street rises, dips for the intersection, then rises again makes it difficult for motorists stopped at First Avenue to spot oncoming traffic for more than a short distance. Drivers are left to creep out into the intersection, thinking it is OK, then gunning it when a car suddenly pops over one of the two small hills.

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The solution is to switch the stop signs.

Make Clark Street stop. Let First Avenue go.