Edtorial: Delivering pizza is no easy task

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 9, 2006

It&8217;s strange how people will give $4, $5, $6 or more to waiters and waitresses who carry your food across a room to your table, but they will give only $1 or $2 to a delivery person who brings your food across town to your home.

Pizza delivery is no easy chore. The delivery people face theft, bodily harm and other crimes.

They drive at night through neighborhoods good and bad. They go to homes familiar and strange. People who work inside restaurants rarely face anything worse than people who leave without paying.

A pizza delivery man was shot and killed Sunday night in Minneapolis. The shooter remains at-large and the motive is unknown.

It&8217;s sad to hear, and we know violence that severe is highly unlikely to happen in Albert Lea and its vicinity, but it does serve as a reminder: Tip the guys and girls who bring you your pizza the same as the folks who bring you your food in a restaurant. They deserve it.