Editorial: Minnow is the right choice

Published 12:00 am Monday, October 23, 2006

Voters should re-elect Al &8220;Minnow&8221; Brooks to the Albert Lea City Council Ward 6 seat.

Brooks weights his decisions carefully. He has the interests of his ward in mind.

For instance, when he voted against the East Main Street lighting project, he didn’t do so because he opposes it. He knows motorists getting off Interstate 35 at night tend to get lost finding their way into town. He knows the lights will help them, in turn helping the city capture revenue. He knows that’s a good thing. He voted against it, however, because he questioned how far into the city the lighting project needed to go.

While we support the lighting project the City Council approved, we appreciate Brooks’ reasoning. He and his constituents want the city to keep moving forward &8212; building renovations, bike trail, sewer upgrades, things like that &8212; but like good citizens they worry about expenditures, too.

Brooks represents that balance well.

His opponent, Art Anderson, is a good, warm-hearted man. Our endorsement of Brooks should not be misconstrued as a knock on Anderson.

He said he ran because he felt competition in Ward 6 would be good for bringing out issues. And he’s right. We thank him for throwing his hat in the ring when others did not.

Anderson, however, realizes he’s not running a serious candidacy. He is the chairman of the Freeborn County DFL Party, and that role takes up most of his time and energy.

Brooks has been part of a council that taken some daring steps. His experience will help keep the momentum going. Give Brooks a third term on the Albert Lea City Council on Nov. 7.