Editorial: Shoff, Danielsen are two good men

Published 12:00 am Friday, October 27, 2006

Voters in Commissioner District 4 are fortunate to choose from two good candidates: Bill Danielsen and Christopher Shoff.

They have waged honest campaigns and both would be good county commissioners.

In fact, we hope whoever fails to win Nov. 7 remains interested in campaigning for future local elections.

Both have business experience. Both know the community well. Both are upstanding citizens. Both weigh decisions well. Both have visions for a better Freeborn County. Here are some:

Danielsen is a retired accountant. He is running at the prompting of Commissioner Dave Mullenbach and because with retirement he feels he has the time for public service.

He brings a long list of volunteer activities and boards he has served on. That includes being the former chairman of the Albert Lea-Freeborn County Chamber of Commerce.

He wants to see smoother relations on the County Board. He wants to encourage more specialty businesses, similar to the present Select Foods and Alamco, to come to Albert Lea.

Danielsen also has some interesting middle-ground solutions for the Bridge Avenue corridor project that do not involve purchasing homes.

Shoff is a chiropractor. He is running because he felt it was time for younger leaders to step forward with new ideas.

He, too, is concerned about the Bridge Avenue expansion and wants the state better communicate its intentions in the project. He favors redistricting of the commissioner districts to better represent Albert Lea and more transparency of County Board’s business. He wants the county to make a more concentrated effort to attract businesses.

For his age, he, too,

has served on many boards and in volunteer roles.

Both candidates are concerned about rising taxes and the effect of state cuts to local government aid.

If we had to give a nod to one over the other, we’d probably favor Danielsen because of his experience. But if you are a voter who wants fresher ideas, then Shoff is your pick.

With either man, District 4 voters win.