Freeborn County 4-Hers participate at state fair

Published 12:00 am Sunday, October 29, 2006

At the 2006 Minnesota State Fair, 4-H once again played a pivotal role in youth development and public education. More than 6,000 4-H youths had the opportunity to interact with the public and educate fairgoers through 4-H exhibits, demonstrations, performing arts, ambassador roles, technology activities, Share-the-Fun performances, livestock shows, and promotion.

There were 3,519 total non-livestock exhibitors and 2,539 livestock projects up at state fair this year. To participate at the Minnesota State Fair 4-H&8217;ers must qualify at the county fair.

Freeborn County had 120 youths experience 4-H at the state fair.

Many exciting things happened during the livestock encampment of state fair.

Out of the four livestock trailers that were given out to overall champions, Freeborn County took two of these trailers. Maddy Ruble from the Alden 4-H Club won overall champion dairy steer and Michael Thofson from the

Myrtle 4-H Club won the overall champion market barrow.

Both of these 4-H&8217;ers received a brand new livestock trailer sponsored by the Featherlite Company to use for one year.

There were also many other champions, reserve champions and purple ribbon winners at the State Fair livestock show.

Results follow for the livestock shows:

Beef: Garrett Davis, Myrtle 4-H Club, reserve champion middleweight crossbred steer; Shelby Little, Conger 4-H, grand champion registered other breed cow/calf, and reserve champion cow/calf intermediate showman; Andrea Tomschin, Alden 4-H, reserve champion prospect calf steer; Zachary Wangen, Bancroft 4-H, champion shorthorn breeding heifer; Kristine Yost, Nunda 4-H, champion registered Simmental cow/calf.

Purple ribbon awards went to: Randene Davis, Myrtle 4-H, registered shorthorn breeding heifer.

Blue ribbon awards went to: Nick Gosen, Conger 4-H, registered Charolais breeding heifer; Peter Hansen, Myrtle 4-H, market heifer; Kelly Tomschin, Alden 4-H, heavyweight crossbred steer.

Red ribbon awards went to:

Amber Erickson, Nunda 4-H, market heifer; Ashley Erickson, Nunda 4-H, registered Black Angus breeding heifer; Brody Larson, Freeman 4-H, market heifer.

Dairy steer:

Maddy Ruble, Alden 4-H, grand champion middleweight dairy Steer and grand champion overall dairy steer.

Purple ribbon awards to:

Jack Miller, Moscow 4-H, heavyweight dairy steer.

Jack also received champion intermediate dairy steer showmanship.

Jennifer Johnson, Myrtle 4-H, middleweight dairy steer; Grady Ruble, Alden 4-H, heavyweight dairy steer.

Blue ribbon awards went to: Aaron Brune, Albert Lea 4-H, middleweight dairy steer.

Dairy Cattle: Purple ribbon awards went to:

Mitchell Skaar, Hayward 4-H, Guernsey calf.

Blue ribbon awards went to:

Jessica Brouwers, Bath-Geneva 4-H, senior 2-year-old registered Holstein; Hailey Johnson, Hartland 4-H, summer junior yearling Jersey.

Red ribbon awards went to:

Lindsey Miller, Moscow 4-H, spring junior yearling grade Holstein; Elizabeth Wangen, Albert Lea 4-H, winter senior yearling grade Holstein.

Dairy goats: Emily Gaudian, Hayward 4-H, champion Saanen junior doe kid, also a blue in novice showmanship; Brandi Modene, Hartland 4-H, reserve champion LaMancha senior doe kid, also a blue in senior goat showmanship; Caylee Tennis, Hayward 4-H, reserve champion recorded grade junior doe kid, also a purple in novice dairy goat showmanship; Travis Wayne, Bath-Geneva 4-H, reserve champion LaMancha junior doe kid, also received a purple in showmanship.

Market goats: Ashley Bartness, Hartland 4-H, champion intermediate market goat showmanship; James DeRaad, Albert Lea 4-H, reserve champion novice market goat showmanship; Jamie Modene, champion senior market goat showman; Timothy Schilling, Shellrock 4-H, reserve champion heavyweight market goat.

Blue ribbon awards went to: Chastin Allen, Hartland 4-H, non-dairy heavyweight market goat; Ashley Bartness, Hartland 4-H, non-dairy heavyweight market goat; James DeRaad, Albert Lea 4-H, non-dairy heavyweight market goat; Natalie Donovan, Hartland 4-H, heavyweight non-dairy market goat; Travis Jacobsen, Freeborn 4-H, middleweight non- dairy market goat; Jacob Reed, Hartland 4-H, non-dairy heavyweight market goat; Traci Stork, Twin Lakes 4-H, non-dairy type middleweight market goat.

Red ribbon awards went to: Nick DeRaad, Albert Lea 4-H, lightweight dairy type market goat; Caleb Gaudian, Hayward 4-H, middleweight dairy type market goat; Laura Gaudian, Hayward 4-H, middleweight dairy type market goat, Jamie Modene, Hartland 4-H, middleweight dairy type market goat; Samantha Yost, Albert Lea 4-H, dairy type lightweight market goat.

Poultry: A blue ribbon went to Jasmine Hanson, Alden 4-H, chickens, egg production.

Rabbits: A purple ribbon went to Heather Malakowsky, Hartland 4-H, junior doe Jersey Wooley. She also received reserve champion senior showmanship honors.

Blue ribbon awards went to: Ashley Petersen, Bancroft 4-H, senior doe mini Rex; Samantha Petersen, Bancroft 4-H, senior doe mini Rex; Paige Selkirk, Nunda 4-H, senior doe mini Rex.


Jerad Magnuson, Riceland 4-H, reserve champion market type yearling ewe.

Purple ribbons went to: Jared Knutson, Hartland 4-H, speckled face market lamb; John Knutson, Hartland 4-H, heavyweight market lamb; Andrew Mittag, Myrtle 4-H, white face market lamb.

Blue ribbons went to: Brandon Goette, Nunda 4-H, lightweight market lamb; Derek Heideman, Hartland 4-H, middleweight market lamb; Matthew Jensen, Alden 4-H, lightweight market lamb; Jonathan Mittag, Myrtle 4-H, middleweight market lamb; Karissa Olson, Shellrock 4-H, lightweight market lamb; Stephani Olson, Shellrock 4-H, January market type ewe lamb; Lee Wallin, Hartland 4-H, heavyweight market lamb.

Red ribbons went to:

Krystle Lonning, Bath-Geneva 4-H, heavyweight market lamb; Josh Minear, Shellrock 4-H, middleweight market lamb.

Swine: Joseph Hubly, Willing Workers 4-H, reserve champion senior showmanship; Katie Hubly, Willing Workers 4-H, reserve champion purebred Yorkshire barrow; Kylie Inderlie, Myrtle 4-H, reserve champion heavyweight commercial barrow; Michael Thofson, Myrtle 4-H, champion heavyweight commercial barrow and overall champion market barrow.

Purple ribbons went to:

Zackary Drescher, Conger 4-H, middleweight commercial barrow; Joseph Hubly, Willing Workers 4-H, purebred Yorkshire barrow; Rosemary Hubly, Willing Workers 4-H, heavyweight commercial barrow; Jacob Knutson, Hartland 4-H, purebred Yorkshire barrow; Spencer Kral, Myrtle 4-H, heavyweight commercial barrow; Kayla Nelson, Myrtle 4-H, lightweight commercial barrow; Andrew Wangen, Moscow 4-H, lightweight commercial barrow; Evan Wangen, Moscow 4-H, lightweight commercial barrow; Jessica Wayne, Hartland 4-H, heavyweight commercial barrow.

Blue ribbons went to: Tasha Belshan, Myrtle 4-H, middleweight commercial barrow; Nick Golbuff, Freeman 4-H, lightweight commercial barrow; Stephen Hubly, Willing Workers 4-H, heavyweight commercial barrow; Jessi Nelson, Myrtle 4-H, heavyweight commercial barrow; Garrett Riskedahl, Moscow 4-H,

heavyweight commercial barrow; Zachary Williamson, Myrtle 4-H club, middleweight commercial barrow.

Freeborn County 4-H&8217;ers received numerous honors at the State Fair 4-H building.

Ribbon results were as follows:

Carter Routh of the Hartland 4-H Club took grand champion honors in the small engines project.

Emily Meier, Shellrock 4-H Club, received a purple ribbon in food and nutrition.

Blue ribbons went to: Randi Akemann, Hartland 4-H, Clothes you Make; Genna Anderson, Freeborn 4-H, Exploring the Environment; Ashley Bidne, Nunda 4-H, Community Pride; Colin Bishop, Shellrock 4-H, shop; Jasmine Brouwers, Bath-Geneva 4-H, Clothes you Buy; Rebecca Bryson, Alden 4-H, Flower Gardening; Journey Churchill-Malcom, Hartland 4-H, Dog Related; Mariah Fossum, Mansfield 4-H, Needle Arts; Tamara Frondal, Moscow 4-H, Youth Leadership; Alissa Goette, Nunda 4-H, Clothes you Make; Nick Goldbuff, Freeman 4-H, Shop; Emily Goskeson, Mansfield 4-H, Clothes you Make; Katie Hallman, Alden 4-H, Vet Science; Mariah Howe, Twin Lakes 4-H, Clothes you Buy;

Matthew Hunnicutt, Freeborn 4-H, Citizenship; Hailey Johnson, Hartland 4-H, Vet Science; Jennifer Johnson, Myrtle 4-H, Child and Family Development; Patrick Larson, Freeman 4-H, Electric; Abby LeBrun, Bancroft 4-H, Needle Arts; Emily Light, Hartland 4-H, Safety; Heather Malakowsky, Hartland 4-H, Vet Science; Becky Maxa, Oakland 4-H, Youth Leadership; Matt Maxa, Oakland 4-H Club, Self Determined;

Jonathan Mittag, Myrtle 4-H Club, Quilting; Kelly Nelson, Twin Lakes 4-H, Home Environment; Elise Nyenhuis, Albert Lea 4-H, Foods and Nutrition; Skylar Opdahl, Nunda 4-H, Aerospace; Brett Paulsen, Riceland 4-H, Aerospace; Emma Payne, Hayward 4-H, Food Preservation; Garett Riskedahl, Moscow 4-H Club, Shop; Haley Selkirk, Nunda 4-H, Foods and Nutrition; Haley Underwood, Moscow 4-H, Digital Photography; Molly Wagner, Hayward 4-H, Performing Arts; Lee Wallin, Hartland 4-H, Potato; Alice Wangen, Moscow 4-H, Shop; Amanda Weiss, Freeman 4-H, Health; Ethan Weiss, Freeman 4-H, Aerospace; Kate Wittmer, Conger 4-H, Clothes you Make; Kristine Yost, Nunda 4-H , Community Pride.

Red ribbons went to: Joel Faugstad, Mansfield 4-H, aerospace; Jillian Jacobsen, Freeborn 4-H, child and family development; Kayla Stenzel, Freeborn 4-H, home environment; Anne and Michael Szymanski, Freeborn 4-H, youth in action team demonstration.

Receiving participation awards were: Cassie Askelson, Moscow 4-H with her fine arts; Kate Buringa, Twin Lakes 4-H, crafts and fine arts; Chelsea LeBrun, Bancroft 4-H, fashion review.

Molly Wagner represented Freeborn County at the state fair as a State 4-H Ambassador.

She is from the Hayward 4-H Club and her parents are Al and Shari Wagner.

Her duties included greeting visitors to the livestock barns and the 4-H building, answering questions, and helping with many other 4-H activities during the two weeks of state fair.