Editorial: Fan has request for Vikings

Published 12:00 am Monday, November 13, 2006

A man from Duluth wants the Minnesota Vikings to play &8220;Immigrant Song&8221; by Led Zeppelin instead of &8220;Welcome to the Jungle&8221; by Guns N&8217; Roses during kickoffs.

Sports Illustrated printed a paragraph about Andy Saur&8217;s drive in the Oct. 16 edition. He&8217;s been written up in the Duluth News Tribune, Brainerd Dispatch and the St. Paul Pioneer Press. Bob Kelleher of Minnesota Public Radio did a story on him. AOL Sports and an Icelandic newspaper got in the act, too.

The lyrics to &8220;Immigrant Song&8221; go: &8220;We come from the land of the ice and snow, from the midnight sun where the hot springs blow.&8221;

It&8217;s a song about Vikings.

Saur, 29, notes Minnesota doesn&8217;t have jungles. The lyrics to &8220;Welcome to the Jungle&8221; go: &8220;Welcome to the Jungle. We got fun and games.&8221;

The Vikings say they appreciate his support for the football team. Their marketing staff notes that &8220;Welcome to the Jungle&8221; is played for the song&8217;s opening music and the football is usually booted before the words are sung.

They said the fans already recognize the song&8217;s opening riff when it is played at the Metrodome. They get fired up, stand and cheer. Change the song, and the fans would have to get used to a new song in midseason. Music and other aspects are typically changed in the offseason.

Saur plans to continue his drive. He&8217;s got a petition, inspirational paintings and a Web site. He wants to get tailgaters going on the idea outside the stadium.

OK, that&8217;s the situation as it stands.

Here&8217;s our simple idea for a compromise: Continue to play &8220;Welcome to the Jungle&8221; during

kickoffs. Play &8220;Immigrant Song&8221; during breaks between quarters and at two-minute warnings.

Football games are three hours long. There has to be time to play this fan&8217;s request somewhere.