Past inductees of the Rock and Country Hall of Fame

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 15, 2008


Bobby Vee, Marilyn Sellars, Marvin Rainwater, Dave Dudley, The Greenmen, John Voit, Sherwin Linton, Tommy Lee and the Orbits, The Trashmen, Unbelievable Uglies, Bob Dylan, KSTP Barndance, The Underbeats, DeeJay and the Runaways, The Titans


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Joe Sun, North Sisters, Mojo Buford, The Fendermen, Doug Spartz, Castaways, Iona Tomasetti and the Renowns, Marvelous Marauders, Charlie Ryan, Sky Blue Water Boys, Augie Garcia, Canoise, Red Johnson, Bobby Vee&8217;s Shadows, DeZurick Sisters, Crow, Epicureans, Ardis Wells & Rhythm Ranch Pals, Marvelous Marauders, Skim Jim Iverson, The Hill-Dillies, Chuck Carson, Blood on the Tracks Studio Band


Texas Bill Strength, Amos Heilicher, Jonathan Edwards, Baby Doo Caston, Eddie Cochran, Bill Folger, Big Walter Smith, Andrews Sisters, The Daisy Dillman Band, Jo Jo Williams, Suicide Commandos, Stagebrush, Gregory Dee and the Avanties, Betty Rydell, Jan Stark, Barb Huber, Shotgun Red & Steve Hall, The DelCounts, The Mystics, Hot Half Dozen, High Spirits, Houle Brothers, Parrish Brothers, Johnny Western, Shaw Allen Shaw, Larry &8220;Mr. Custer&8221; Verne, The Shaw Band


Big John Dickerson, Rockin&8217; Hollywoods, Lipps Inc., Alex Pronteau and Silver Wings, Danny&8217;s Reasons, Big M&8217;s, Killer Hayseeds, Dennis Morgan, Rio Nido, Blackwood Apology, Danny Hargrove and the Hanging Tree, Mary Jane Alm, Dave Brady and the All-Stars, Maury Finney, Joey Molland and Bad Finger, The Charms, Kim Martin, Phyllis Jones, Cleo Bee, Art Essery, City Mouse, Gypsy

Tim McCarthy & Don Forte, Flamin&8217; Ohs, Platte Valley Boys, Eddie Berger, The Litter, Paulette Carlson and Band, The Gestures, Middle Spunk Creek Boys, Sonny Rogers, The Novas, Northern Light, Magpies, Passage, Jim Lopez