Column: In 4-H, it all begins with Cloverbuds

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 5, 2008

Amy Wadding, 4-H Update

Let&8217;s start at the beginning.

Everything has a beginning. In the 4-H program the beginning is called Cloverbuds.

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Cloverbuds is a special group of younger 4-H&8217;ers. Cloverbuds is for 4-H&8217;ers who are in grades K through 3. Once a child reaches third grade,

he or she graduates from the Cloverbuds program and becomes a regular 4-H&8217;er. Since Cloverbuds are for beginners in the 4-H program, there are limited activities that they can do. We just want to get their feet wet with as many experiences as they can handle. We don&8217;t want them to &8220;swim&8221; in everything that 4-H has to offer in the beginning of their 4-H career.

When holding Cloverbud events, we like to have a structured plan.

That way everyone involved with Cloverbuds that day will be on task, which is important in the learning process.

Each Cloverbud that Freeborn County has enrolled belongs to one of the county&8217;s 18 traditional 4-H clubs.

Each club holds special things for their Cloverbuds at their monthly meetings.

In the months of January, February, April, June, August, October and December, the county holds special Cloverbud events. During these events, it gives all Cloverbuds a chance to learn more about 4-H as well as different project areas.

In January, we hold an orientation to 4-H day, which tells the participants what they need to know and what to expect this upcoming year.

February has a day that is planned by our older 4-H members, who are called Ambassadors. The Ambassadors put on the day with help from the office staff.

April has a day that is planned around a certain topic.

For 2008 we are looking at doing an animal day. June has another day that we explore nature as usually it is nice outside. August of course is the county fair where the kids get to highlight their projects that they have created.

October is planned around the Halloween theme where the kids come dressed in costumes and we offer different activities that involve teamwork.

December is their Christmas Party time and the kids make Christmas Cards that are given to the older 4-H members (Ambassadors).

Those Ambassadors then take the cards to local rest homes where they are handed out to residents.

The 4-H year is packed full of events for younger kids.

They are always busy when they are involved.

Just remember, Cloverbuds is a prepping ground for what they will experience later on in their 4-H career.

4-H always has something going on.

If you are interested in joining or would like more information about the Freeborn County 4-H Program, please contact our office at 377-5660 for more information.

Amy Wadding is a 4-H program coordinator for Freeborn County.