Salem Lutheran Executive Board

Published 10:04 am Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Salem Lutheran (Albert Lea) Women&8217;s Executive Board met on May 6. President Judy Dilling presided. Laurel Herdina gave a devotion on &8220;Growing Old Is A Blessing.&8221; Secretary Nancy Lans read the secretary report and the treasurer&8217;s report was given by Sharon Dilling. A &8220;thank-you&8221; was received from the World Hunger Program on a recent check sent to them. Salem WELCA sponsors a sixth-grade girl from India and she had sent a very informative letter about her family, their holidays, and told how happy she was to receive a new uniform. Her name is Nidigart Manemma. WELCA voted to sponsor her again next year.

Applause was given to Judy Dilling on planning a special morning for the women of Albert Lea who attended May Friendship Day at Salem on the 2nd of May. The offering on that day was given to the Scholarship fund.

It was voted to give the Salem Thank Offering for May to the Salem Bible School Program and the Thank Offering in September will go to the Pastor&8217;s Discretionary Fund. The Sharing and Caring List has been reviewed and new names added to assist with events at Salem.

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Women&8217;s Day at Good Earth Village will be held on Saturday, June 21. Pastor Linda Gunderson will be the speaker of the day. Deb Beighley reports that Salem&8217;s fundraiser on selling the Women of the Bible bracelets is going very well.

Pauline Hall reported that all Salem shut-ins were called on in April by the WELCA team. Laurel Herdina reported that the Sew &8216;N Tell group had met on April 8 and 22, and had packed 26 boxes of clothing for the Marie Sanvik Center, six boxes were sent to Appalachia, and six boxes of clothing, two quilts and one lap robe were sent to the Vet&8217;s Administration. The duties for May and June were reviewed. Many arrangements are being made to keep all Salem projects running smoothly during the time the Salem Church kitchen is being remodeled.