Care at nursing homes made the difference

Published 1:11 pm Saturday, June 7, 2008

On July 4, 2003, my parents moved from Mabel to Bancroft Creek Estates in Albert Lea. Obviously the decision to move was not easy. It meant leaving their home of more than 50 years and losing the companionship of many good friends and neighbors. Nonetheless both agreed it was a move that would place them geographically closer to their children.

Obviously, chronic as well as developing health concerns factored into their move. Albert Lea offered a number of senior living options with ready access to quality medical care.

Unfortunately the health of both declined to the point each found it necessary to test those facilities and their staffs. Both eventually transitioned to Good Samaritan Nursing Home where Mom passed away in March 2006. Once it was evident Dad could not return to independent living he moved to St. John’s Lutheran Home. That move was not occasioned by any concern as to his care at Good Samaritan. He was geographically closer to his older son’s home once at St. John’s, and we also hoped it would allow him to move on from Mom’s last illness. It did not and he passed away this April.

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Admittedly the selection of each of the facilities where Mom and Dad lived while in Albert Lea was made objectively. Each location, however, soon became an environment where they were comfortable and truly at home. I cannot possibly name all of the staff at each facility who assisted in their care. But I thank each and every one of you from the depths of my heart. I know both of my parents received excellent care and attention appropriate to their needs. I also know both of my parents would echo the sentiments I now express. They considered those who tended to their needs as friends, not staff. It was very clear to me, my brothers and our families that the staff with whom we had contact sincerely cared about their residents’ well-being, regardless of the age or job description of that employee. The compassion exhibited by staff during Mom and Dad’s last days and hours at each home was remarkable and appreciated by our family. I particularly want to acknowledge and thank the staff on Second North at St. Johns and Station 2 at Good Samaritan. You did so much for my parents and our family and I am confident you will continue to do the same for others in your care. Thank you.

Jane Spande

Cedar Rapids, Iowa