Organic farming provides an alternative

Published 10:00 am Friday, June 13, 2008

As global warming becomes more of a threat to society, there is a little-known solution in our own backyards: organic farming.

Rodale Institute has conducted nearly 30 years worth of research looking at organic and conventional farming and has found that organic, regenerative methods can drastically reduce greenhouse gases. By using methods such as no-till farming, composting & crop rotation, farmers can store as much as 2,000 lbs. of carbon per acre in their soil. If all of our croplands converted to organic practices, it would be the equivalent of taking 217 million cars off the roads each year.

Farmers have always been our heroes – they fed our citizens and helped our nation grow in good times as well as bad. Today farmers can be heroes in the fight against climate change by making the transition to organic farming. By supporting organic farms and buying organic products, we can all be heroes.

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Tim LaSalle


Rodale Institute

Kutztown, Pa.