Past week was filled with highs and lows

Published 9:11 am Thursday, June 19, 2008

What a week!

I truly was saddened by the news of the death of NBC newsman and “Meet the Press” moderator Tim Russert. After reading his touching book, “Big Russ and Me” about his father, his religion, and his upbringing in Buffalo, I felt that this was the one man since Walter Cronkite that I could really trust with news. Mr. Russert was fair and respected and in this day and age of biased media, it was nice to see someone who was fair but still could ask the tough questions. You will be missed!

Tiger Woods is truly amazing! I am in the ABT (Anyone But Tiger) club when it comes to who I want to win golf championships, but even the most Tiger-hating golf fan in the world has to tip a cap to how mentally tough this guy is. He has ice in his veins for as cool as this guy pulls off golf shot after golf shot and without blinking makes the impossible look easy. Oh, by the way, Tiger won the U.S. Open Monday in sudden death. Sorry, Rocco!

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– While still talking sports, how about soon-to-be senior Jenna Christiansen’s year in sports. She is not only tops in our area when it comes to sniping the puck, but she is also the area’s best all-around player in softball. Great job, Jenna, I have watched you play both sports and your killer attitude and unselfish team play in both sports make you fun to watch. Good luck next year! Two other younger players that stood out to me were sophomore Lauren Klick, who is not afraid to get dirty and is one awesome defensive player in baseball and a stand-out hockey player as well and Glenville-Emmons super-freshman third-baseman Kailey Davis. She played tough defense and is a great hitter. I can’t wait to see how improved these two youngsters get over the next couple of years.

– Congratulations to the recent graduates of the Freeborn County Leadership class that is a collaboration between Riverland Community College and the Freeborn County Chamber of Commerce. This year’s class had 23 participants, and I congratulate you all.

– A great big prayer to all of the readers who have had to battle or are related to anyone battling flooded basements, yards, towns, bad drinking water, misplacement, no water for showers, drinking, eating and all of the other problems that are associated with rising levels of rivers, creeks, lakes, etc. My heart goes out to you all.

– Great job by Low Bucks Car Club last Friday with the drive-in set up and movie “Hairspray.” I went with my wife, daughter and some friends and found it to be a great change of pace. Great weather, good movie, good time-Thanks a bunch!

– Thanks to everyone who shared their groovy cars and vintage rides with everyone last weekend. To see these truly one-of-a-kind autos is such a treat. Thanks again for taking the time and money to keep these autos in great shape for us to admire!

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