Garden tour spices up Bricelyn’s Fourth of July festivities

Published 6:05 pm Saturday, July 5, 2008

Among the many events occurring during the Fourth of July activities in Bricelyn was the Saturday morning garden tour.

The activity allowed gardening enthusiasts and visitors to the annual weekend event into the gardens of seven different in-town and rural community members, who each had a variety of themes and ideas to share with those touring. All proceeds for this event would benefit the Bricelyn Historical Society Museum organization and building.

For $3 people picked up a map of the garden tour (from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday), which was organized by local business woman Linda Gullikson, owner of the Brush Creek Boutique in Bricelyn.

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“I was asked to organize this fundraising event for the Fourth of July Celebration by coordinator Esther Ziemer,” Gullikson said. “It was fun to see other people’s ideas, how they displayed their flowers and plants and how you could use those ideas for your own purposes.”

This year’s event allowed participants to see an array of ideas on how to use their antiques, old junk or even how to create their own garden masterpieces from almost any type of container. It was a beautiful sight to behold, and many positive comments were heard on the floral arrangements and plants.

Owners of these works of art included Janet Peterson, Betty Leland, Chris Weiser, Rhonda Archer, Lorraine Jacobson, Judy Haaland and Gerald Molskness, who had recycled his old farm equipment and put it to use in his unique creation of farming versus gardening.

The Bricelyn Fourth of July Celebration Committee anticipates this will be an annual event for the community and plans have begun for new ideas for next year’s garden plots and landscaping creations.