Building’s owner needs nicer storefront

Published 4:58 pm Saturday, August 23, 2008

Compliments to a number of business downtown. These businesses have enhanced the appearance of their buildings by adding window treatments to the upper floor windows. Notice the second floor windows of Adams Originals, Innovision Eye and Frames R Us.

I call attention to the building across the street. The windows above street level have broken blinds, ripped shades and furniture haphazardly leaning against the windows. I wonder if this merchant allows such blight in the neighborhood in which they reside. The store in Austin of the same name has a neat appearance with awnings to compliment the windows of the upper stories. It’s ironic the radio jingle advertisement on the local station finishes with “nice stores.” Several years ago I addressed my concern at the customer service desk.

Hopefully this letter will encourage the occupants to walk across the street, look at the building and see what shoppers see.

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Jean Aamodt

Albert Lea