Democrats are digging dirt on Gov. Sarah Palin

Published 1:31 pm Saturday, September 20, 2008

While Mr. Ted Hinnenkamp’s Sept. 7 letter to the Tribune was singularly devoid of issues, he complained that the Republicans cannot hope to win if they run on issues. If fact, the whole effort of Mr. Hinnenkamp’s far left side of the political spectrum has been totally lacking in issues when it has come to Gov. Sarah Palin. The first thing Mr. Hinnenkamp’s candidate did after Gov. Palin’s announcement was mock and belittle her experience by saying she was just a mayor of a small town, ignoring her current position as governor of the state of Alaska. The far left has trumpeted every lie, rumor and innuendo they can dig up and the major media have run with them in an effort to destroy not only her but her family as well. In fact, less than two weeks after Sen. John McCain announced her as his running mate, nonpartisan has had to set up a whole new section specifically devoted to the lies and smears being put out by Mr. Hinnenkamp’s colleagues on the far left.

About 30 Democratic operatives and opposition researchers are in Alaska to look for any molehill they can manufacture into a mountain. So look for more bogus scandals to come out of the Democratic/leftist smear machine.  I would recommend that you take them with a grain of salt, until you do some investigation of your own.

George Lundstrom

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Albert Lea