Does McCain think women are gullible?

Published 8:46 am Friday, September 19, 2008

Just how politically gullible are the women of America? Lets ask John McCain that question. The women who supported Hillary Clinton were also supporting the Democratic Party. He wouldn’t name a running mate until Barack Obama named his. If Barack named Hillary, would he have then gone with Gov. Tim Pawlenty? He chose Sarah Palin because he wanted a woman who was unknown, ambitious and could be molded, so then we women would change our minds in our pretty little heads and vote Republican because there was a woman on the ticket? I admire Hillary, she was my first choice during the nomination race, then I moved on to Edwards and ended up going with Barack Obama. Now Hillary is campaigning for Obama. I believe she truly endorses his capabilities to lead over nation along with Joe Biden. You would think that those who supported her would follow her lead. Although I would have said no, I wish McCain would have chosen me. I don’t make a million dollars, but I consider myself as middle class.

I worked in factories for 30 years.

Served on the executive board for our union.

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Attended conventions, one of which I sat on a bylaw committee (the only woman) and turned a fifteen minute meeting into over an hour because I alone wouldn’t be a yes person on a voting issue. When asked if I wanted my name and locals name in the minutes I said yes because when International seen it they would know our local wanted a fair voting procedure for union candidates. I also told them it was a waste of my time, and my locals money if I didn’t stick to my opinion. The motion passed with only one nay-that be me.

I coached a little league team and we took fourth place out of 10 teams. I wore lip gloss.

I out-shot my husband and his uncle target shooting at a hundred yards.

I never shot a moose, but I did put in for a license and didn’t get one. I thought someone should be fired for that but changed my mind when my father-in-law and some friends were drawn. I could go on about my outdoor accomplishments, but there could be trouble on the home front.

If I sat on the farm I could see Iowa and the lights of the casino. So what do you think “my friends” could I have qualified?

I look forward to one on one debates to hear what Gov. Palin has to say without the help of telepromters.

I think she would make a really good VP for the NRA. Maybe get rid of some corporate jets so we’d stop getting three four color letters a week asking for more money.

I’m Ellen Stenseth and I approve this message.

Ellen Stenseth

Albert Lea