Albert Lea always rallies for good causes

Published 1:21 pm Saturday, October 4, 2008

Thank you, Albert Lea!

With the recent news happening in Albert Lea this past week, I just wanted to take the time to thank the people of Albert Lea for the positive happenings in our community.

First of all to all of the volunteers and businesses and individuals who have supported the “Extreme Makeover.” It is amazing if you would really put the final numbers together of all of the volunteer hours of labor, the cost of materials for a new home, and all of the other finances that go with a new home that have been given to this project. I am sure many people do not realize that the community is who is giving all of this to a very deserving family. I know yesterday at our Lions Club meeting one of our members commented on they know why they chose our community: We had a deserving family, plus when there is a need, Albert Lea always rallies around the cause and comes forward. Again, thanks, Albert Lea and the area, for being so giving to others!

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Second, I would like to thank the City Council for its decision on the city sewer rates. It sends a good message that Albert Lea indeed supports their hometown businesses. It would have been horrible to lose Mrs. Gerry’s expansion to Iowa. It is great to see our leaders recognize that we need to support our local businesses in order to keep our local economy well, plus it sends a good message to other businesses looking at Albert Lea for a possible location.

Thank you, Albert Lea!

Nancy VanderWaerdt

Albert Lea