Don’t vote for Brown

Published 10:18 am Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Recent articles informed us that the school board may levy district property owners to pay for post-retirement health insurance for teachers. This could cost as much as $60,000 for a teacher retiring at age 55. This levy will be in addition to the levy we voted last year, but this one is different! We don’t get to vote on it! You see this came about as a result of a special interest bill passed by Rep. Robin Brown and her DFL colleagues in the Legislature to benefit teachers who retire as early as age 55.

To make sure we could not stop it the legislators gave permission to the school board to levy without a vote by the public. This was an unbelievable piece of special interest legislation that will benefit Robin Brown and her husband, who is also a school employee. It turns out she is a mighty expensive representative with a state salary, a school salary and now this special interest legislation. It’s no wonder legislators are held in low regard.

Paul Overgaard

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Albert Lea