Larsen is the best choice in Dist. 27A

Published 1:29 pm Saturday, October 25, 2008

Erik Larsen is one of the most morally and politically intelligent men I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know. My vote will be for Mr. Larsen for many reasons you already know. He is for senior issues, agriculture, Education, and the environment. I know him, I believe him, I respect him, and I trust he means what he says.

With this being said, I believe Mr. Larsen honestly believes he can do much in the form of increasing jobs for our district. Without jobs many of the troubles that attack his county will continue to cascade at an accelerated rate. Erik Larsen wants jobs in this district and throughout Minnesota, and he has dedicated his life to this cause. Small business is his business, and he wants to keep what business we have and concentrate on creating new opportunity or growth. Mr. Larsen spends his time listening to small business owners all day long, hearing there hopes and dreams as well as there complaints, worries and fears. Small business helps the community in every way I can think of. I want my next representative for House District 27A to be for the people, all the people, and working on it all day, every day. Erik Larsen can help you!

Douglas J. Edwards

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small business owner

Albert Lea