Wealthy in New York want change, too

Published 8:55 am Monday, October 27, 2008

I just got back from New York and was very happy to read the editorial letter Oct. 16 in support of Barack Obama. New York is an amazing city, lots of wealthy people, who really care for those less fortunate. I have witnessed this several times. Obama will raise their taxes and they are perfectly willing to see change even if they pay for it.

The last eight years have been a painful journey for this country; we need change. Colin Powell’s endorsement of Obama delivers a clear message that gives us insight on what has been going on. I cannot understand how things get so out of balance, the unjustifiable high salaries of CEOs and athletes and celebrities at a time when the average citizen is losing all kinds of basic security, retirement benefits, health care, after hard-working years. It just doesn’t make sense we need change!

I also want to clarify that in the events I have organized, I have not asked people to bring a meal; I have asked that they bring their own nondisposable utensils. This has become a fun tradition that easily reduces waste. As the holidays approach, this is a good time to shop environmentally friendly and support the companies that provide eco-friendly products. Take care of the Earth, because the Earth takes care of you.

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Clemencia Gurjal

Albert Lea