Editorial: The Tribune saves you money

Published 9:53 am Tuesday, November 18, 2008

As an Albert Lea Tribune reader, you most likely have noticed by now the starbursts on the front with information about what’s inside the newspaper. Here is one from Monday’s paper mentioning 18 rental homes available in the Classifieds. Click on the image to the right:

You might have seen comparisons of gas prices listed in places, too. Often, it appears at the bottom of the front page, as in Monday’s paper. Click on the image to the right:

We print this information to remind readers that they receive their money’s worth when buying the newspaper or subscribing to it.

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Yes, news and commentary come in the newspaper, but people also get coupons, deals, auctions, jobs, housing, legal notices, weather, comics, puzzles, price comparisons, lottery numbers and local movie listings. The savings in coupons and deals more than make up for the 50-cent charge. Thrifty people usually come armed with the right information. Thrifty people are successful at saving money because they read their local newspaper and find savings.

It’s just something we though you should consider.