Man returns lost bank envelope to its owner

Published 12:51 pm Saturday, November 29, 2008

It has been 42 years ago that I was hired at the bank now known as Wells Fargo, so over the years I have become acquainted with a fairly large cross-section of the people in Albert Lea.

The other day I went out for lunch at a local fast-food restaurant, and when I was about to get my food I met a gentleman by the name of Mike May. He asked me if I worked at Wells Fargo, and I said yes. He then proceeded to hand me an envelope and asked me if it was mine, and I said no.

In there was a large amount of cash that someone had lost. We opened the envelope, and I then called the bank to check the amount so we could find the rightful owner. The teller said she would call me right back. In the meantime, Mike went over to people in the restaurant and asked if they had been at Wells Fargo. I was getting a phone call back just as he was asking one gentlemen who was the rightful owner. He was indeed the person who had lost the money, and it was returned to him by Mike May.

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This envelope could have been picked up by anyone and no one would have known. It is a credit to the community in which we live in that there are honest people out there with morals and saw to it that the rightful owner got his money back. This incident really shows the values of people who live and work in Freeborn County and southern Minnesota. We truly do not know how fortunate we are to live where we do.

Darlene Kvam

lead teller

Wells Fargo

Albert Lea