Society is missing a generation of people

Published 3:12 pm Saturday, November 1, 2008

This is the time to look very carefully at all candidates running for public office. Do they represent your values? They should. What are their voting records? Actions speak louder than words.

In our own homes we make tough decisions with our budgets. We cannot pay for all our wants. Our government cannot tax us into prosperity. It has never worked. Entire empires have collapsed by over taxation.

Beware of commercials. Remember these are advertisements. Not always all the facts. They mean to sell us something. We see commercials for luxury cars, fabulous vacations, beautiful things, practical things, we would love to own. Persuasive commercials. Do we need these things? Can we afford them?

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Our society spends millions each year on abortions — tax dollars. We are missing part of a whole generation of people. People in our classrooms and church pews, providing services, buying goods, paying taxes. Would we consider going into a classroom and killing every fourth, fifth, or even 10th child? This thought is appalling.

As citizens it will be important to vote. It is imperative to investigate facts, do the difficult and review voting records. Pray. Choose wisely — carefully. Do not be sold.

Kimberly Zenk

Albert Lea