Which candidates will be on your ballot?

Published 3:41 pm Saturday, November 1, 2008

People in Freeborn County will see many races Tuesday, depending on where they live. Here is a rundown of city races:

In Albert Lea, Randall Erdman faces Michael Murtaugh for mayor. Vern Rasmussen Jr. is running in Ward 1. In Ward 3, it’s Ellen Kehr against Ryan Michael Sabinish. People will see names for Larry Anderson and David Montaño Sr. in Ward 5.

For Alden mayor, no one is on the ballot. There is only the space to write in a candidate. Samara Christensen is running for a council seat. Alden voters also will see a ballot question on whether the city shall grant special liquor licenses that allow sales on Sundays.

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Bruce Hansen is the sole name on the ballot for Clarks Grove mayor. Four candidates are running for two council seats: Rob Jensen, Derek Layland, Dick Nelson and Carolyn Weller.

In Conger, Travis Henderson seeks to be mayor, and Mark Behr seeks a council seat out of two available.

Paul Henschel and Mark Heggestad square off for mayor of Emmons. They have to choose two for council out of Maynard Erickson, Loren Honsey, Helen Larson, Jerry Martinson.

The race for mayor of Freeborn features Mark Edward Gruben and Patricia Ann Kast. Freeborn voters can pick two names out of Curtis L. Backeberg, James Beach, Dale Johannsen and Roger Merritt.

The Glenville mayoral races pits Joe Schaunce against Wes Webb. Sue Gillard, Gary Gulbrandson and Russell Shaunce seek the two council seats.

Kelly Routh is the lone candidate for mayor of Hartland. Larry D. Flatness, Linda Pederson and Paul Stene seek to council seats. There is a special election to fill a vacancy on the council. The name on the ballot for that is Nick Semple.

Willis Pfieffer and Duane F. Scherff Jr. wish to be mayor of Hayward. Anthony W. Cox, Michael D. Hansen and Dale E. Matson wish to have council spots. Two are available.

Ted Radke hopes to be mayor of Hollandale. Ken Muilenburg and Tom Nims are on the ballot for the two council seats.

Blake Shell is the lone candidate for mayor of Manchester. Steven Hannegrefs and Eugene Utzka are running for the two council seats up for election.

No one is running for the two open council seats in Myrtle, and no one is running in a special election to fill a vacancy.

Voters in Twin Lakes will see Joel Schwartz seeking to be mayor and Sarah Attig and Jeanne Epland seeking the two council seats.

Geneva voters will notice Steven Bailey faces Dustin Quimby. Timothy N. Gassmann and Jannell Tufte seek the two council seats up for election.