Hayward area native records CD of original songs

Published 9:12 am Saturday, December 20, 2008

Molly Wagner confesses she’s still taken aback when she hears her own voice singing in the family kitchen as her mother makes supper.

But since recording an album of original songs, that’s what happens.

Wagner, the daughter of Al and Shari Wagner, has written a number of original songs and she recorded some of those she wrote between 2003 and 2007 on compact disk titled, “Something More.”

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“Usually the lyrics just came to me as I was going to sleep,” Wagner said. “I found I had to get up and write them down right away or I’d forget them.”

All her songs are religious in nature. “All of the songs on this CD were inspired by Yahweh. He has blessed me with these words and the gift of music. These are the reflections and contemplations of my heart,” Wagner wrote in the CD text. “All glory, honor and praise to Yahweh.”

Her songs are titled: “Remember Now,” “Help Me,” “The Lord’s Watching Over Me,” “Dear Lord,” “I Give Praises,” “Hear Our Prayer,” “Empty,” “Something More,” “They Prayed,” “Nothing New” and “Galatians Song.”

Her favorite, she said, is “They Prayed.” “It’s a story song,” she said. “I’m really happy with what came from that.”

The song goes like this:

“There’s nothing like your parents’ love through your childhood years.

They’re always there to pick you up and wipe away your tears.

And looking back I wish I could have made it easier for them, but most of all I’m thankful …

That they prayed that the Lord would guide my footsteps,

They prayed that He’d help me to see. They prayed that I’d travel down the right path.

They prayed for me.

When your life is like a battlefield and you’re struggling to get by …

When you can’t be who you want to be no matter how hard you try.

They love you through your many faults and then they love you more,

And it helps to know that they pray that the Lord will guide my footsteps.

They pray that He’ll help me to see. They pray that I’ll travel down the right path.

They pray for me.

No, they’re not perfect, nobody is. But they didn’t give up on me.,

And when it’s my turn to raise up my own children I’ll know just what to do.

Because they showed me how. I’ll pray that the Lord will guide their footsteps.

I’ll pray that He’ll help them to see. I’ll pray that they’ll travel down the right path.

I’ll pray, as they prayed for me.”

The CD was recorded at a studio in Oklahoma, Refiners Fire Studio, that is owned by family friends. The recording features only Molly singing and playing her guitar.

Molly said she took guitar lessons for two years at Tone Music and since then has been on her own.

The project was completed in just four days. “They got an ice storm right after we were done recording,” Wagner said. “We were very blessed to finish it before the power went out.”

The CD duplication and artwork were done by ViDeyo Arts of Austin.

Wagner said she’s pleased with the way things turned out. “My dad’s gotten good comments about it,” she said. “Some people have told him it’s inspiring and it’s an honor for someone to say that.”

The CD is available for purchase at Cup of Faith Bookstore in Albert Lea.

Eventually, Wagner said she’d like to do some recording with her siblings.

They sing together as a group called MEDAL of Honor. MEDAL stands for Molly, Emily, Doug, Addie and Luke. Since they came up with the name, Betsy and Seth sing along with them too. Molly is one of eight children in her family.

“We like to play at some of the Bible conferences we attend,” Molly said.

Molly performed “They Prayed” at the Minnesota State Fair in the performing arts category and received a purple ribbon for her efforts. She was also at the state fair for the State 4-H Arts-In program, a show performed three or four times a day. “It was a lot of fun, but a lot of work,” she said.

“I was there for eight days before the fair to learn the show, came home for two days and then was there for the whole fair,” she said.

Molly works as a nanny for some friends and also fills in at the Freeborn County Extension Office.

“I’m going to see where life takes me,” she said.