Church donates to Jamaican people

Published 8:59 am Thursday, February 12, 2009

Crossroads Church of Albert Lea presented a check for $10,000 to provide care for the people of Jamaica. The check was presented to JACOM, which stands for Jamaica-Acompong Connection of Minnesota. The non-profit organization was started by Harald Petersen of Albert Lea who decided to do something to help the people of Jamaica. Dan DeBoer of Pro Trucking is the current president of JACOM.

When Crossroads Church began their most recent 15,000-square-foot expansion project to their building, they decided to help others in the process. So the members of the congregation pledged that for every $100,000 they raised to pay for their building, they would give away another $10,000 to needy charities locally and around the world. So far, the church as given away $80,000. They have helped some local charities, like Youth for Christ, as well as worthy organizations abroad, such as $10,000 to support an orphanage in Bolivia.

Crossroads Church is a casual and contemporary church that specializes in explaining the Bible in modern language and relating it to life today. Crossroads is filled with many children and youth participating in programs which help them to prepare for life. The public is welcome.

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