Clarks Grove State Bank provides customers with Internet banking

Published 12:00 pm Sunday, March 1, 2009

The under 40 generation likes to conduct their business online and Clarks Grove State Bank is responding to their needs. A recent upgrade to the bank’s online system will add new features and greater utility for customers wanting to do their banking on the Internet.

Part of an effort to remain competitive with other financial institutions which offer similar services, the recent upgrade is in large part the work of a former bank employee. Jason Narverud, whose family owns the bank, has a degree in computer science from Winona State University where he worked as the webmaster for the university’s Web site during his college days. He now works as an instructor for Oracle in the Twin Cities, but has stayed involved with the bank’s webpage design and has helped lead the charge toward upgraded Internet banking services.

“The major changes are in security and performance. E-mail service has been improved, with better security for addresses and passwords, and encryption has been upgraded,” Narverud said.

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Narverud’s sister, Sue Loch, manages the Albert Lea branch at 2401 Bridge Ave. She said the bank needed to respond to the needs of it’s customer base.

“We want to keep our customers happy,” Loch said.

For those bank customers who want to use the online system, a personal enrollment form agreement is available through the bank’s website at:, a site that includes an informational FAQ page and other contact information. Customers who agree to the terms can proceed to fill out the personal information required to join the online banking system. The bank has a written privacy policy statement, based on federal regulations and banking industry standards, to protect the rights of all customers, including those who bank online.

The bank charges a two dollar monthly fee for using it’s online service. Married couples with joint accounts will only have to fill out one form, and once the account is set up both parties will be able to access the account and complete transactions, such as transferring funds, etc.

Online banking offers customers many advantages, including the ability to check current balances, download and save your transaction history, see all your accounts on one screen and view daily account activity, to keep track of withdrawals. Customers can also transfer money between accounts after logging on to the system, by completing an online form.

Customers are not locked into online banking. Those who have signed up for the service and later decide they don’t want it only have to contact the bank with their name and account number to discontinue the service.

The updated system does not offer online bill paying services, but Loch said she would like to see the bank continue to explore further opportunities to utilize the Internet to serve it’s customers.

“I would love to see us do even more in the future, but it’s not a high priority right now. I feel obligated to help our customers in any way we can,” Loch said.