Comments section raises eyebrows

Published 8:25 am Friday, March 13, 2009

Has the Tribune done something different with the comment section of their Web site? To tell the truth I stopped reading the Tribune online at about the time of the alleged Good Samaritan abuse issue. Some of the comments that were posted during that time were, to say the least, repulsive! Before that, I read some extremely negative, hurtful things that I found in very poor taste, but Good Sam was the limit to what I could stomach.

We have the privilege of free speech here in America. We do not have the privilege to be just down right mean and hurtful — like I’d seen in some of these comments. Just this last week, however, I did go online to read an article and the comments didn’t seem to be in plain sight as they were before. If there have been some corrections made, I’d like to say “Thank you.” If that is not the case I’d like to add my voice to that of Riley Worth, whose letter encouraged the Tribune to shut down the comment section of their Web site.

Imagine someone who doesn’t know our city, someone who might be interested in coming to, moving to or establishing a business here. What would they think of our city? Those negative, unpleasant comments could be very disturbing factor. Wouldn’t it be nice if just half of that ugly negativity could be a positive force, used for the promotion of our city? Our city and its leaders have to face some very tough issues in the next several years — don’t make them battle negativity too.

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Also, why are these comments allowed to be anonymous? I’ll bet if people had to put their names to their comments, there would not be nearly as many “tasteless” thoughts expressed.

Karen Szymanowski

Albert Lea