Thanks to Trib for knowledge

Published 9:09 am Monday, March 16, 2009

I’m joyful and want to thank you for publishing so many things about Albert Lea High School activities that have been taking place.

I opened the paper on Tuesday, Feb. 24, and alone I found five different articles, not including the sports page, in the paper that had to do with ALHS activities that have been taking place. I’m very happy that the community can find out many things that we have bee doing lately.

Even though I attend high school I don’t always know everything going on in sports and music. Recently you wrote about how six orchestra students, one being my friend, going to a music festival in Dorian. It’s nice to know that I can go to the paper to find out what my classmates are doing.

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Also in that one issue of the paper I found out everything from how Mike Funk was offered the superintendent job to every name of anyone who went to solo and ensemble contest on Saturday, Jan. 31.

I enjoy knowing that people around town can read the accomplishments that many of us at ALHS are achieving. Personally knowing that it’s hard to make it to every sporting meet but then being able to look at the back page knowing I can find out how the game I missed went is very relieving.

Thank you for informing the community about many of the recent activities going on at ALHS. I love reading about them.

Maranda Glassel

Albert Lea