Comments after stories were awful

Published 7:48 am Monday, December 14, 2009

I have unfortunately recently become aware of the feature “comment on this story” following the articles on the Tribune’s Web site. I am astounded that the Tribune gives people the opportunity to write personal opinions and post them on the Tribune’s Web site without having to identify themselves. I have been reading with disbelief the letters that follow many stories, the most recently regarding the apparent resignation of the city manager.

I believe that it is OK for people to have opinions regarding others but giving them a forum to write whatever they want to without having to sign the letters or having to identify themselves is unbelievable to me. I have witnessed character assassination, alleged slander, gossip and vicious lies regarding people, not only Victoria Simonsen.

This venue should include a requirement that the writer must identify themselves by name, etc. The light that this sheds on Albert Lea is not a good one. Imagine if you were a prospective new city manager or anyone else considering moving to Albert Lea. These blogs give anyone the opportunity to say anything they want without any responsibility or ramifications.

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I honestly can’t believe that this actually exists and I can’t imagine any justification allowing this to happen. I would invite any comments and ideas on how to improve this situation.

David Nelson

Albert Lea