Published 8:35 am Friday, December 11, 2009


Weather: colder.

Hearts: warmer.

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Newborn stranger in a stable.

Not at all a regal birth!

Cold reception. Inn-less. Lowly.

For that Child to come to earth.

But that birth, so very humble,

Warmed those hearts so very near;

Mary, Joseph — and some shepherds,

Also privileged to hear.

Brought them joy and hope and wonder;

Warmed their thoughts of God above.

God, the promise-giver, -keeper;

God of never-failing love.

But that birth was little noticed

In that world, preoccupied

With the stuff of human living;

Work and pain and human pride.

Still today our world is cold-en.

Busy. Harsh. Indifferent. Hard.

Still today our world is bold-en: Hate and fists and wrong and sword.