Editorial: Vikings loss could be foreseen

Published 9:05 am Monday, December 7, 2009

The Minnesota Vikings lost to the Arizona Cardinals 30-17, dropping the NFC North leaders to 10-2.

It still is a remarkable record, but this loss could be seen coming since the start of the season.

The Vikings in Week 9 had a week off followed by three straight home games against weak teams. They became too relaxed, too confident. Suddenly, they had to fly to the Southwest and play against star quarterback Kurt Warner and his Arizona Cardinals, the champions of the NFC last season.

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The Vikings brought their B game. And it seemed didn’t they study the Cardinals’ defense in the past week at all.

Let’s hope the coaches have this stellar Vikings team prepped for difficult road games from here on out and in the playoffs. Vikings fans are hungry for a championship. All this team’s hard work in the off season and during this great season won’t mean much if they blow it in December and in the playoffs.

Don’t be like the December dropping Dallas Cowboys.