Hate? Look who the Democrats voted for

Published 10:33 am Saturday, February 13, 2010

In recent letters people have accused Republicans hating the Democrats. I have neighbors and relatives who are Democrats, but I don’t hate them. The mainstream media had a lip-smacking love affair with Barack Obama and sparked much hate against George W. Bush. There are things that Bush did that I didn’t like also. So let’s compare hate, the Democrats and the far-left liberals, who created so much hate that they threw democracy and America out the window and put a socialist/Marxist in the White House. Obama has run our national debt to the highest in the Amercan history and has spent billions on stimulus plans that didn’t work, trying to force socialized medicine on the American people. There was a quote in the paper by the chairman of the DFL Party that Obama was doing a good job. Yes, I know it’s all Bush’s fault. I wonder how long they can lean on that crutch.

Gabby White

Albert Lea

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