6 townships elect supervisors

Published 9:45 am Thursday, March 18, 2010

Voters in six Freeborn County townships elected new supervisors last week.

The Freeborn County Auditor-Treasurer’s Office got the last of the results in on Tuesday.

According to a spokeswoman with the Freeborn County Auditor-Treasurer’s Office, the supervisors up for election in Albert Lea and Bancroft townships were re-elected to their positions.

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In Freeman, Moscow and Riceland townships, three new people were elected as supervisors, and in Oakland Township, the positions were switched around a bit.

The spokeswoman said between 10 and 20 people came out to vote in each township. The breakdown of votes for each township was not available.

In Freeman Township, the new supervisor is Larry Nelson, who replaces Supervisor Dave Claussen.

In Moscow Township, Dustin Meyers was elected as the new supervisor, replacing Ronald Olson.

And in Riceland Township, Larry Olson is the new supervisor, replacing Paul Anderson. Supervisor Wes Tennis was re-elected.

In Oakland Township, Supervisor Don Davidson was elected chairman, and David Hutchins and Jim Benesh Jr. will be the supervisors. Prior to the election, Benesh was the chairman and Davidson and Hutchins were supervisors.

There were no changes in leadership to the Albert Lea and Bancroft townships.

Townships that did not have elections last week will have their township elections in the fall during the general election. All townships had their annual meetings.

The leaders in Albert Lea, Bancroft, Freeman, Moscow, Oakland and Riceland townships are now as follows:

Albert Lea Township

Chairman C. Stanley Reichl

Supervisor Keith A. Porter Sr.

Supervisor John R. Butler

Clerk Marilyn A. Roche

Treasurer Cheri Chapek

There were 17 voters in this township.

Bancroft Township

Chairman Jirah McCornack

Supervisor Alan Christensen

Supervisor Steve Overgaard

Treasurer Joanne Johnsrud

Clerk Judith Hellie

There were 12 voters in this township.

Freeman Township

Chairman Roger Larson

Supervisor Terry Thorson

Supervisor Larry Nelson

Treasurer Wayne Sather

Clerk Lori Reyerson

Twelve people voted in this township.

Moscow Township

Chairman Lynn Huston

Supervisor Dave Thompson

Supervisor Dustin Meyers

Treasurer Janice Vandervoort

Clerk Bill Wilke

As of Wednesday, the Freeborn County Auditor-Treasurer’s Office had not yet received the roster book for this township to determine how many voters there were.

Oakland Township

Chairman Don Davidson

Supervisor Dave Hutchins

Supervisor Jim Benesh Jr.

Treasurer Julie Maxa

Clerk Rena Langowski

There were 17 voters in this township.

Riceland Township

Chairman David Schewe

Supervisor Larry Olson

Supervisor Wes Tennis

Treasurer Marion Hogstad

Clerk Karen Nelson

There were 10 voters in this township.