City eyes feasibility of street and sewer projects

Published 4:14 pm Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Albert Lea City Council will vote Monday whether to accept the feasibility reports for two improvement projects for this summer.

The first is for the bituminous overlay of residential streets in the south-central part of the city, that would be part of a neighborhood improvement project.

The following streets would be included:

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Second Avenue from Main Street to College Street

Janson Street from the west end to First Avenue

Third Avenue from Front Street to Plainview Lane

Lincoln Avenue from Front Street to Plainview Lane

Alcove Street from Lincoln Avenue to Spark Avenue

Belmont Avenue from Belmont Street to Plainview Lane

Commercial Street from Madison Avenue to the gravel

Seventh Street from Madison Avenue to Broadway Avenue

College Street from Second Avenue to First Avenue

Fourth Avenue from Janson Street to Front Street

First Avenue from Front Street to Plainview Lane

Spark Avenue from Front Street to Belmont Street

Belmont Street from Belmont Avenue to Spark Avenue

Plainview Lane from Fourth Avenue to Lincoln Avenue

Madison Avenue from Commercial Street to Seventh Street

Sections of curb and gutter that have settled and that are causing drainage issues, along with sections that are displaced or damaged, would also be replaced.

According to city background information, the project also includes replacing the surface on the frontage road off South Shore Drive south of the Interstate 35 overpass.

Total estimated costs are about $744,000 with just over $400,000 being assessed to adjacent property owners and about $335,000 being city costs.

The second project is for the construction of sanitary sewer main and watermain that would serve existing homes along County Road 45 that have been annexed into the city.

The project includes 17 lots with an additional eight served by the project in the future.

Total project costs are estimated at about $348,000 with $252,000 of the costs being assessable. About $76,000 would be held for future assessments. And city costs would be about $19,000 for the oversizing of the watermain.

If approved, a public improvement hearing would be March 22, with a neighborhood meeting scheduled for March 29. The tentative bid opening is May 4.

During the Monday meeting, the council will also:

Vote whether to accept the bid and award the contract for the Edgewater Drive and utilities improvement project, which includes furnishing and installing water and sanitary sewer service main and piping, restructuring and repairing shoulders, seeding and mulching shoulders and bituminous paving.

The lowest bid came from Heselton Construction at $220,000.

Vote whether to approve the sale of city surplus at a joint city and county auction on May 6 at 4:30 p.m. at the Freeborn County Fairgrounds.

Original plans had called for selling the surplus property through an Internet site; however, because of contractual obligations that would have lead to low financial returns, city staff are now hoping to hold a joint auction.

Some of the property that would be sold at the auction includes a cordless phone, a digital recorder, a Christmas tree stand, two couches, a 1991 Chevrolet half-ton pickup, a 1999 Dodge Ram and a 2002 Ford Explorer, to name a few.

Vote whether to approve the orderly annexation of three tracts in Bancroft Township off of County Road 45.

Hear a request from the co-directors of the walking moai program to promote Ward Walks between May 20 and Aug. 10.

City Attorney Lee Bjorndal said the walking moai program will kick off May 20 at the Freeborn County Fairgrounds.

Blue Zones Founder Dan Buettner may be in attendance, Bjorndal said.

Hear a request to put up large signs promoting the Scouting for Food drive in the old Mexico Lindo parking lot and on the corner of Broadway Avenue and Fountain Street from March 24 through 27.

Hear a request from the Cloverleaf Lions to use the main hangar at the Albert Lea Airport for the annual flight breakfast on June 13.

Vote whether to approve the sale of a sander from the street department that was purchased in the early 1990s.

The Albert Lea School District has agreed to pay $1,700 for the sander.

Bjorndal said one governmental agency can sell things to another governmental agency without going through as many steps as normally required.